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Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

Food-grade diatomaceous earth has recently become popular as a

dietary supplement. It is claimed to have the following health benefits:

Cleanse the digestive tract.
Support healthy digestion.

More Regular Bowel Movements
Improve cholesterol and heart health.
Provide the body with trace minerals.
Improve bone health.
Promote hair growth.
Promote skin health and strong nails.

Collagen production
Healthy Metabolism
Increased Energy

However, not many quality human studies have been done on diatomaceous earth as a supplement, so most of these claims are theoretical and anecdotal.

Effects on Bone Health

Silicon — the non-oxidized form of silica — is one of many minerals stored in your body.
Its exact role is not well understood, but it appears to be important for bone health and the structural integrity of nails, hair, and skin
Due to its silica content, some claim that ingesting diatomaceous earth helps increase your silicon levels.

Effects on Toxins

One major health claim for diatomaceous earth is that it can help you detox by cleansing your digestive tract.
This claim is based on its ability to remove heavy metals from water, which is the property that makes diatomaceous earth a popular industrial-grade filter.

Diatomaceous earth is easy to take; simply add a teaspoon of it to food or drink and stir well.

Diatomaceous Earth  (Food-Grade)

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