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Redmond Clay Health Benefits

Traditional healers have used it for ages to ease a wide range of digestive ills and other health issues.

Redmond Clay is one of the best brands of bentonite clay available on the market. It is a white, sodium- and mineral-rich clay that comes from deep within the earth and is from a Jurassic source. The land the clay is mined on is in Redmond, Utah, and people in the community have been using it medicinally for years.

For many generations, Native Americans carried a ball of this mineral-rich clay with them in their packs. They dissolved the clay in water and ingested it with meals. Clay, a product of Mother Earth, was a natural medicine used for fighting many stomach ailments, dysentery and food poisoning.

Historical Uses Of Medicinal Clay
If taken internally in water, the clay absorbs many times its weight in toxic substances and moves it through the system to be eliminated.

Animals Eat Clay
The cattle naturally gravitate to it when they are sick. It is a form of self-medication for the cows.

Intestinal Problems
It helps people get better from all kinds of ailments including diarrhea, constipation, acid indigestion, acid reflex.

Skin Problems
The clay has been successfully used for external issues like burns, bee stings, wounds, spider bites, acne, athlete’s foot, bruises, arthritis, cuts, diaper rash, eczema, infections, mosquito bites, sores that won’t heal, sprains, twisted ankles and inflammation.

Diaper Rash
To use it for diaper rash, just sprinkle the dry clay powder on the baby’s bottom. It seems to clear up diaper rash very quickly.

Clay Baths
Some people take clay baths. To do so, sprinkle about one-half cup of dry clay powder in the bathwater, mix it up and soak in it for 30 minutes or more. It helps detoxify the body, drawing out toxins and infections from the skin.

For a footbath, simply put three tablespoons of clay in a pan of water and soak your feet in it for 30 minutes. It draws toxins from the feet and detoxifies the body.


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Redmond Clay

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